Your Pre-Birth Intentions & The Healing Power Of

The Pain To Purpose Process

Discover How Your Most Challenging Life Experiences Hold The Key To Radical Self-Love, Relationship Bliss & Ultimate Soul Evolution.







Gorgeous soul I know you're strong, but you're tired of trying to figure it all out and always feeling like you're going it alone .... you've been running that race a long time now.

Life hasn't been easy .... and there's that old, repeating, emotional pattern and recurring relationship drama that keeps you believing "something must be wrong with me."

You've had some breakthroughs, but just when things are going well the rug gets pulled out from under you and you feel like you're right back where you started.

Are you ready to clear out the mental and emotional garbage, discover what's really going on in you life and finally know yourself as a powerful co-creator of your own reality?



Well, you're in the right place


I created the Cognitive Soul ...

For positive, conscious, spiritually minded women. Old souls with big hearts and rebellious natures who feel destined to live life different.  But who right now feel incomplete. Held back by old hurts, limiting, false beliefs and that stubborn deep-rooted story of not being enough.


My gift is helping you clear up the unresolved remnants of the past and move through the mental, emotional and energetic barriers to reveal the hidden meaning of your life and connect you to your own innate spiritual wisdom and magic.  

Whatever you've lived though; the lonely, dysfunctional childhood, messy divorce or painful separation. Addiction, rejection, the guilt, the grief the devastating loss that brought you to your knees. No matter how deep or dark your wounds, there is purpose.  You darling, exist for a reason.


You're here on a journey of healing and self realization. To rediscover all that you are, and are not. To look deeper, to go beyond the every day perceptions of what's true. You're hear to awaken to the truth of your own soul.

It's time to stop living life as a burden and live it as a dance.


You have everything you need to live

a blissful, abundant life. But first you

must unravel the deeper mysteries

of your own soul. 

I honestly cannot believe how fast this turnaround has been and how far reaching it is. It's like magic and yet there is something so simple about it. ~ Kate

I see you ...

I know the secret battle you fight. I know the old feelings of failure, sadness, shame, disappointment and smallness you berate yourself for not yet having moved through.  I know the fears and worries that wake you at 3am. And the little voice that whispers "it's all too hard ... I'm never going to be truly happy, because things will never be any different." 

But you're here because you're ready to call in a new level of healing.  Ready to live a new level of inner peace and ready to embrace the truth of a greater reality that will ignite the manifesting power of your own unique soul.

I feel a deep feeling of freedom and happiness within myself and what was once a busy mind is now calm and only focusing on what is the truth for me. ~ Aleisha

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It really is hard to describe such an incredible change that only took a few hours out of my entire life. ~ Elizabeth

I'm not for everyone. My work is a unique and powerful blend of quantum, metaphysical, spiritual and psychological philosophies. It requires a willingness to step out of victim-consciousness and embrace a new revolutionary perception, of a greater reality.

Discover more  ABOUT ME  here, how I healed myself and transformed trauma, chronic illness, and lack and struggle into heroic new narratives. And how understanding my own soul plan has led me to living an abundant and independently blissful life.

This is the missing piece you've been searching for. Let me share it with you. 

I've been to at least 10 therapists in all of my life, from life coaching to psychotherapy.  None of the have been so effective and healing as Dawn. ~ Jennifer

10 years of feeling incredibly guilty has just been reversed. I feel refreshed in my mind, like someone's cleaned it out with a power hose. Thank you.  You may never know just how much that helped me. ~ Beck

It's time to fully heal so you can end the repeating cycles not just in this life but in the next.  You have to decide that you're ready and willing to go where you've yet to go, and courageously pop in that last piece of the puzzle to reveal the true magnificence of who you are, beyond your story. Are you ready to join me?




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