My Story


You have a soul, your soul has a purpose and your life mission is to live it.



We're more than a physical body and mind; we're vibrational beings whose true essence is spirit.  When we learn to see life through the lens of our soul, then we'll know that everything, even the darkness, is a gift.  And the greatest gift of all is life itself.


I'm Dawn Lee, transformational coach, spiritual warrior, mentor and catalyst for revolutionary change. My mission is to help provoke your spiritual awakening and remove the barriers that stand between you and the truth of who you are.  So you clear up your past, live in the present and create an abundant, beautiful future according to your own soul manifestation.


Shine; it's what you're here for



I'm also ...

A devoted mama to my two loves, my gentle and adventurous little soul mate son, and super, cute and cuddly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.


I'm a free spirited warrior for love (at all costs), inclusion, self realization and soul freedom. I'm in love with laughter, yoga, meditation and daily self nurturing practice.

I believe in oneness, miracles, radical gratitude, conscious co-creation and that to live an abundant, beautiful life is our soul's greatest quest.

I believe in the transformational power of forgiveness, and the energetic nature of ourselves and the Universe.  I believe in me, and I believe in you.


This lady is an amazing healer of the soul.  Thank you Dawn for making me realise that I am important.








tuquoise and gold circle.CONNECT

Thank you so much my beautiful guide, you are indescribable. 



We all have the power to rise

I do this work because ...

I know the freedom that comes from true healing. I grew up in a loveless world that betrayed my mind, body and heart. A traumatic childhood, fractured by years of abuse, deprived me of love and connection.

And yet something inside me refused to be defined by my experiences. Something inside of me guided me to a new heroic narrative; it was my soul. 

Compelled to make sense of the darkness I learned to self realize and used my experience as a catalyst to expand my own compassion and elevate my spiritual evolution. 

Through healing I've come to know freedom, forgiveness, self love, inner peace, abundance and genuine happiness. And I want this for you.


Let me be your guide, I know the way


A little more about me ...

I'm a journeyer. Originally from Scotland I've lived and worked in London, Japan and now Australia.  I've travelled many a weird, wonderful and at times dark path. I haven't always loved myself and I've had my fair share of f*ck-ups.

But I've also experienced radical transformation, and manifested extraordinary miracles.

I've spent years soulfully educating myself in human behaviour and spiritual truth.  I have a BA (hons) degree in psychology & sociology, am a professional certified coach, professional trainer and NLP trained.

I facilitate The Work (of Byron Katie), and Radical Forgiveness Therapy and am currently mentored by Jim Britt (international author of 13 best selling books and personal development guru who also happens to have been Tony Robbin's first coach for 5 years) and Jim Lutes, global entrepreneur and internationally recognized leader in human performance. 

I'm also a certified chakra & energy body clearing practitioner, have trained in Ki energy healing with a Grand Master and I'm a passionate advocate for natural health and well-being.

A chronic autoimmune disorder which refused to respond to conventional medicine led me to discovering that all dis-ease has an emotional component.  After more than 3 years of trying pretty much every remedy under the sun I did what I'd once thought impossible, I healed.


You're more powerful than you know



So here's how I can help  ...

Drawing on my years of training, education, experience, intuition and my own story I'll help you discover your own pre-birth intentions and create your own soul manifestation. 

I'll help you unravel your story and show you how your false beliefs dictate your experience and teach you the art of transforming destructive emotions such as shame, guilt, anger and resentment.

I'll teach you how to recognize, embrace and live your truth. And how to discover when you're in or out of alignment with your highest self.

I'll help you create happy, healthy, balanced relationships, starting with the one you have with yourself. And I'll give you the tools to move through life's uncertainty and challenges with ease and grace, no matter what life throws at you!!

I'll lead you back to the truth of who you really are, why you're really here and what's really possible for you.


My work is my calling ...

If you feel pulled to connect let yourself be intuitively guided. Your soul knows the way. 

Every journey begins with one small step. You don't have to stay stuck living out the same patterns of disconnect; you don't have to keep manifesting the same pain and suffering. 

Let me help you put your not good enough story to rest once, and discover your own innate magic so you focus your energy on creating the kind of life and relationship you dream of.

Because you deserve ...

a beautiful life!